Please first make sure that you have Java 6 installed. You can download Java at

How do I run ODEToolkit?

You can click on any Java webstart link to start ODEToolkit. You should give any permissions that the program ask for.

Alternatively, you can download Java Archive version (.jar). In Windows and Macintosh, you can run it by simply double-clicking the file. In Linux, please refer to the Running ODEToolkit page.

The title screen appears, but ODEToolkit's main screen does not appear.

The ODEToolkit should be located on the task bar / dock on your screen. Simply click on it and the main ODEToolkit screen should appear.

The title screen appears, then ODEToolkit freezes.

Java needs to spend some time and memory to obtain information to run the program. With restrictions on the program environment, ODEToolkit may freeze. In this case, please close/terminate all ODEToolkit process and try again. You may need to use Ctrl+Alt+Del to select a process to terminate the process in Windows, or using force quit in Macintosh or Linux.

If the problem still occur after restarting, please follow the instruction in use Java Archieve version by following the instruction in Running ODEToolkit page.

ODEToolkit freezes after running for a while.

ODEToolkit takes a lot of memory, and the operating system may limit the memory used by ODEToolkit. In this case, please use Java Archieve version of ODEToolkit, by following the instruction in Running ODEToolkit page.