ODEToolkit Library

To access the library of example ODEs for version 1.3, click on Library menu item at the top left corner of the screen in ODEToolkit (or click here). This will link you to an online library with a list of examples. Simply click on any of the examples and that specific ODE or system of ODEs will open on ODEToolkit. This is useful for new users who would like to gain experience with the syntax for entering ODEs into ODEToolkit. There is also a link to download the entire library in a .zip file.

You may also save your ODE workspaces by clicking on File, and then Save or Save As. Any files you save will automatically be saved with a .ode extension. To re-open files, select File, and then Open, and select the .ode file that you would like to open.

Lastly, ODEToolkit can also open an ode file from its URL. To do this, click on File, then Open From Web.... Then enter the URL of the ode file (such as http://odetoolkit.hmc.edu/examplelib/Pendulum.ode), then click OK.