Using Library of Examples

You can click on the webstart file (.jnlp) to open ODEToolkit Webstart (left column) with the selected example.

To download the ode file and open manually, please save the ode file (right column) and save to your computer. Then run ODEToolkit, select File > Open, and choose the downloaded file.

For more information on running ODEToolkit, please consult Running ODEToolkit page or Troubleshooting page.

Library of Examples

ODE Example Webstart Download .ode
Finite Maximal Solution FiniteMaximalSolution.jnlp FiniteMaximalSolution.ode
Harvested Predator Prey HarvestedPredatorPrey.jnlp HarvestedPredatorPrey.ode
Heart Heart.jnlp Heart.ode
Logistic Logistic.jnlp Logistic.ode
Lorenz Attractor LorenzAttractor.jnlp LorenzAttractor.ode
Lotka-Volterra Competition Lotka-VolterraCompetition.jnlp Lotka-VolterraCompetition.ode
Painleve Transcendent PainleveTranscendent.jnlp PainleveTranscendent.ode
Pendulum Pendulum.jnlp Pendulum.ode
Predator/Prey with Satiation PredatorPreywithSatiation.jnlp PredatorPreywithSatiation.ode
Square Wave SquareWave.jnlp SquareWave.ode
Vander-Pol Oscillator VanderPolOscillator.jnlp VanderPolOscillator.ode

Download All ODE Files

If the webstart is not working, please try downloading ODEToolkit from the download page and opening the .ode files.