ODEToolkit is available free for non-commercial use. The source code is now open source under the GNU General Public License version 3.

ODEToolkit is still under development. Old releases are also included below.




Version 6 or higher of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required. You can download the latest version at

Choosing the right version for you

Files saved with versions of ODEToolkit prior to version 1.3 are not compatible with version 1.3 and later versions. If you have an old save-file created with ODEToolkit, you may need to choose an older version of ODEToolkit. In this case, we recommend that users use the stable (1.0.5) release.

Current Release (Version 1.4, for all platforms)

Installation Instructions:
Click the link below to download ODEToolkit. Double click the jar file to run. If you have difficulty running the program, please refer to the Running ODEToolkit page or Troubleshooting page.

Download ODEToolkit

ODE Library for ODEToolkit (version 1.3 or later)

The new library of examples is available online here.

Source code for ODEToolkit 1.4

ODEToolkit is written in Java and developed in Eclipse. You can download Eclipse at There are developer guides in the clinic reports on the documentation page.

Source Code 1.4

Other Releases

All releases prior to version 1.3 use a different file format than version 1.3 and later.

ODEToolkit 1.3 (stable release)
ODEToolkit alpha 1.0.5 (stable release)
ODEToolkit alpha 1.2
ODEToolkit alpha 1.1
ODEToolkit alpha 1.0
ODEToolkit alpha 0.9
ODEToolkit alpha 0.6

ODE Library for ODEToolkit Alpha 1.2 and below

ODEToolkit contains a library of .ode files containing noteworthy ODE models. The ODEToolkit jar file must be located in the same directory as a folder called "library" in order for the library to be found automatically.

Download ODE Library